Opencare Jobs

Full-Stack Engineer

Toronto , ON , Canada

Today, finding the right health providers for you and your family is a needlessly difficult task. Health providers lack exposure to the patients that need them most, and patients feel lost when trying to find the right person to help them. At OpenCare, we are changing that. We firmly believe that these problems can be solved with technology and we are building a world-class engineering team that will empower us to solve this challenging and complex problem. The time for change in our healthcare system is now, and the opportunities for innovation are endless.

We're looking for highly passionate, supremely intelligent, and insatiably motivated people to join our growing engineering team.

At OpenCare, you will:

  • Develop a highly scalable and well-tested system that runs the backbone of OpenCare.
  • Design and implement a RESTful API in Node.js
  • Solve challenging data problems using a combination of SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Leverage AngularJS to write well-tested, well-structured code that powers thick-client, single page apps.
  • Build and own a product that is used across North America by thousands (soon to be millions) of people.
  • Be able to wake up every morning and feel good about what you're doing. We aren't just building another photo sharing app. We're doing something that matters.

You have:

  • Professional experience working with Node.js, Ruby, or Python. We don't mean you wrote a few scripts here and there, we mean you've built non-trivial systems in one of these languages.
  • An extremely good understanding of how, when and why to write different types of tests. Proper TDD experience is even better.
  • A strong understanding of computer science. Degrees are nice, but not mandatory. You don't need to be able to recite the different between an AVL Tree and a Red-Black Tree, but you do need to be able to impress our CTO in a 2-hour interview.
  • An in-depth understanding of relational databases. Bonus points if you can tell us differences between the different NoSQL databases that are out there.
  • Experience working with scalable systems that are used by a high volume of users.
  • Experience working in Agile development environments.

It would be extra awesome if you have:

  • Experience with AngularJS, Backbone, Bootstrap, Knockout or other front-end frameworks.
  • Experience with continuous delivery processes.
  • An understanding of how product metrics are measured and how A/B testing works.
  • Native Mobile app development experience for iPhone or Android.
  • Tech startup experience.
  • Knowledge of UI/UX and design.

You will receive:

  • Limitless growth opportunity. Our company is young and growing rapidly, so it is up to you to reach the stars.
  • Competitive compensation.
  • Equity options. Everyone who works at OpenCare owns a part of OpenCare.
  • Full health benefits - dental, vision, prescription drugs, massage. We'll hook you up with the best health providers.
  • Flexible working hours. We want you to be with us at your most productive hours.
  • Fun team environment. We share a passion for our work, and also know how to have fun - office scooters, ping pong table, foosball, etc.
  • Great downtown location. We have a spacious, open-concept office right at Richmond and Bay.

We are:

  • A team of incredibly talented individuals who are passionate about making a big difference in the world.
  • Serial entrepreneurs with track records of bringing much needed innovation to the world.
  • Engineers, designers, operators, marketers, and customer champions.
  • Hungry and humble, always thirsty for new learning experiences. 

We’re looking for extraordinary individuals with a passion to make a difference, and the determination to make it happen.

Nine to fivers need not apply.